Aims & Scope

The Current Sustainable Agriculture is a subscription based international peer reviewed journal. The Current Sustainable Agriculture is publishes a broad range of papers on all aspects of sustainable agriculture. Topics include : Biodiversity, bio-resources and sustainability of agricultural, food, and forest systems, Impacts of biotechnology, organic agriculture and agricultural engineering on environment, Aquatic ecology and fishery, Agro-ecosystems and natural environment, Impacts of soil degradation, irrigation, and waste management on agro-ecosystems and environment, Land use, air and water quality, energy use, climate change on agricultural sustainability, Policy analysis and monitoring, Integrated solutions for environmental goal and agricultural sustainability, Management of agricultural resources, Planning and development, Sustainability and efficiency, Impact assessment, Modeling and simulation, Information/database systems, Decision support systems, Supply chain management, logistics and traceability, Innovative technologies in agritourism and ecotourism, New technologies in ecosystems management, forestry and natural resources, GIS and applications, Precision farming systems.